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Time to write.


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In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

-Gospel of John 1:4-5

Basically this what I think the light that Adam Young was referring to in his song Beautiful Times. 

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"when did the sky turn black?
and when will the light come back
we all suffer,
but we recover,
just to discover life where we all are.”

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Embark on Owl City's "Beautiful Times" Voyage

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But I’m learning to be stronger… #beautifultimes

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umbrelladaydreams: Hey there! I was just wondering; do many people know that the snippet "On Sea, The Ocean Breezes" is fake and not Port Blue? I just saw it on my dash again. It is actually from a song called Midnight Serenade by Kate Herzig. Just wanted to make sure people know that, and thought this was a good way to do it.. love your blog btw x

Hey there. Thank you :) and thanks for the info also!

Hey guys you should read this :] 

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Hey Guys - I’m so happy to officially announce that my new track “Beautiful Times”, which features the AMAZING Lindsey Stirling, will come out next Tuesday.

Stay tuned!

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one time in 2nd grade we had to take a spelling quiz and we had to spell ‘floppy fish’ and the kid sitting next to me was was totally cheating because he had the answers written on the inside elastic of his tighty whities and whenever the teacher called out the word he’d look down at his crotch like he was concentrating really hard and nobody saw it except me so later at recess i gave him the worst wedgie of his life and from that moment on the act of getting your underwear yanked out of your pants and pulled over your face was forever known henceforth as the floppy fish

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it’s so annoying when I go to the movie theater and the people behind me complain the whole time because they can’t see around my sombrero

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New Music


I’ve been reviewing the body of work I’ve created over the past few months and I’m so excited to share it with you in due time. Some songs are finished, others are pulling into focus.

The cycle is strange; you chase an inspiration and immerse yourself in a vision so wholeheartedly that it becomes almost philosophical to you, but eventually you must deconstruct it and unlearn everything you thought you knew in order to begin anew. For me, music is funny that way. The more I study it, the less I understand it.

The next chapter of OC is filled with wild goose chases and extraordinary twists and turns — through old familiar fancies and across new frontiers. I’ve been lucky to capture some magical ideas, a few of which are so eccentric, they are borderline strange — dark and beautiful.

I’ve decided 2014 is a solo year for me in studio. Not that I tire of collaborating, quite the contrary — but my universe is rotating at such a pleasant rate that I find myself inspired to investigate and explore the endless unchartered expanse of imagination that remains unmapped in my own head, absent of outside contribution. Thus I stray and wander, all alone, during the early hours of the morning, after the city retires and the world is fast asleep.

I think a lot but I don’t say much, and so I write.

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